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CNC Drilling Guidebook

For hundreds of years, drills have served as a staple in machine shops worldwide. In today's ultra-competitive manufacturing industry, all CNC 操作s demand pinpoint accuracy. None more, though, than creating a precision hole in a workpiece. 

High Efficiency Milling (HEM), has been proven to boost shop efficiency and productivity by maximizing Material Removal Rates in roughing applications. This machining method utilizes an unique radial and axial depth of cut strategy to prolong tool life.


我们的技术博客, “在放大镜," is dedicated to machining how-to's, 技术建议, and tool selection guides. From how to get started in the machining industry, to proper tool entry methods and even tips for achieving Green Machining, access more than 100 helpful resources at any time and share them easily with fellow machinists to bring your CNC skill to the next level.

Below you will find downloadable and printer-friendly Technical Resource documents to help you with tool selection and machining techniques.




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